Edna Spurway Aussie Apple Legend

June 29, 2017News and Events

Edna Spurway was proud to be the great granddaughter of appllegend Granny Smith and of her family’s role in introducing one of the most popular apple varieties to Australia and the world. In her words, “we always thought of Granny Smith as our apple. Of course we loved apple pie and all those kinds of … Read More

The Daily Crunch: Why we should be eating an apple a day

May 1, 2017News and Events

A new CSIRO summary of research1 has revealed even more health benefits to crunching on an apple a day. The summary highlights a growing body of scientific evidence that shows regularly eating apples can help keep your heart healthy, control appetite, and assist with weight loss. Emerging research also links eating apples with healthier gut bacteria.

New exciting research on apples – Compounds in Apples

January 1, 2017News and Events

In 2007, researchers found a dozen different compounds in apple skin alone that have the capacity to slow the growth or even kill cancer cells. This study involved taking extracts of the apple peel and adding them to various types of cancer cells in the laboratory and measuring the impact.