New exciting research on apples – Compounds in Apples

In 2007, researchers found a dozen different compounds in apple skin alone that have the capacity to slow the growth or even kill cancer cells.

This study involved taking extracts of the apple peel and adding them to various types of cancer cells in the laboratory and measuring the impact.

Apple peel extracts certainly have the ability to limit the growth of cancer cells – and in some cases actually lead to the death of cancer cells and while that doesn’t mean these compounds in apples would have this effect in the body, there is real potential.

Importantly these 2007 findings with apple peels are one of many that have shown apple extracts can have an impact on cancer cells in the laboratory. Other studies have provided similar findings on other types of cancer cells while complementary studies are trying to reveal just how apple extracts can impact cancer cells in this way.

In fact, the research suggests that compounds in apples may even have a role in cancer therapy as well as in the removal of potentially cancerous cells – meaning they may play both a therapeutic and a preventative role.

Of course, there is still much to learn about the way apples can improve our health – but with studies like these the future seems very bright – and the message is clear…

For further information, please refer to the 2008 Apple Report, 2009 Apple Report and the 2016 Apple Review by CSIRO.